Dementia Friendly Wyoming


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Teepa Snow's Positive Approach® to Care

Workshops - Click to register online

Designed to help build our awareness and knowledge and apply our understanding gained about dementia into everyday exchanges with persons living with dementia.

  • Workshop A - Normal Aging/ Not Normal Aging
  • Workshop B - Positive Physical ApproachTM and Hand-under Hand® 
  • Workshop C - Teepa’s GEMS® and Using Skills that Make a Difference


One-on-one or group sessions designed to build new knowledge and skills into habits for competence and integrated practice.
  • Positive Physical ApproachTM, Personal Connections and Action Starters
  • Visual, Verbal and Touch
  • Hand Under Hand®
  • Teepa’s GEMS®- Understanding progressive perspective of persons living with dementia
  • I’m Sorry’s - de-escalating challenging situations


Working with community care partners in dementia related challenges through the utilization of effective communication techniques, strategies to connect with people in a meaningful way and methods of providing the right resources at the right time.


Focusing on filling each day with meaning and offering engaging activities for persons living with dementia and their community care partners.