Prenatal Yoga

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Staying active throughout pregnancy has been shown to have many benefits, including improving sleep, lowering the risk of gestational diabetes, reducing back pain, increasing energy, reducing stress and possibly contributing to shorter, easier labors. Fitness Crossroad has partnered with Yoga Mama to offer classes for moms-to-be!

In Prenatal Yoga, moms will find connection and community with other moms, practice pranayama (focused breathing), asana (yoga poses) and dhyana (meditation) specifically geared towards pregnancy and birth. Prenatal Yoga Plus offers all these things and more. Class may also include additional conditioning, using resistance bands, free weights and barre exercises to help mamas maintain strength and stamina throughout their pregnancies. Our prenatal classes are open to the community. Pre-registration is required. For more information about prenatal classes or to register, you may email the instructor.