Wendy Webster Receives the Community Educator of Excellence Award

Wendy Webster awarded the Community Educator of Excellence Award at the 2017 National Community Education Conference.

The purpose of the award is to honor a Community Educator annually from each of the nine Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) regions. The person selected is representative of the excellence in leadership found in MCEA members, exhibits a willingness to take risks, possesses strong communications skills, is a progressive change agent, and has high expectations for self and others.

When you want something done right you ask Wendy for help because you know it will be done the Wendy Way!  Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Wendy knows there is a reason she is not only the Community Services director but also communications director for the St. Anthony school district.  She is not only a leader in the school community but also the Village of St. Anthony.  She serves on multiple community boards and committees.

Within the office she is known as the fearless leader, director of chaos, best shoulder to lean on, keeper of the chocolate drawer and maker of the mac & cheese.  Students adore her and staff value her.  In her tenure she has spearheaded and helped pass two referendums for the district.  She has helped put Community Services on with map at St. Anthony. Her dedication to the school district and community runs deep.