Parent Communication Directory

Have you ever wanted to talk with another parent about activities your kids are planning? Have you ever hesitated to make that phone call because you didn’t know the parents or wondered how they would respond?  
The Parent Communication Directory (PCD) has been developed to make it easier for parents to connect with other parents to check that their children’s activities are chaperoned and chemically free. By submitting this pledge form, you will be part of the parents’ phone and address directory. All parents in this listing have agreed to take calls from other parents about plans their children are making. PCD parents agree that they do not want their children using alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs not as prescribed. They agree to supervise gatherings and parties at their homes and to work with schools and public agencies to enforce policies and laws. Furthermore, parents state that all firearms in the home are stored properly.
Once you have submitted your request to be included in the directory, you will receive an email saying that your application for an account is currently pending approval. Once it has been approved, you will receive a second email with login and password information.
The pledge: I agree to talk with other parents about young people’s activities and welcome calls from other parents. I will supervise gatherings and parties at my home and sponsor ONLY alcohol free and chemical free activities for youth. I will communicate a “no-use” message to my children about using drugs and alcohol; and I will work with the schools and public agencies to enforce school policies and public laws related to alcohol and drug abuse. I also agree that firearms are stored out of the reach of children.